83 kdx Wiseco 240 big bore kit


Damn Yankees
Apr 19, 2000
I blew up my engine last year and had a wiseco piston kit put in.
Buddy at the shop said it would be fine to put the big bore in, and the should be no problems. Well I broke in the new engine and warm up thoroughly before riding. I also had the bottom end redone. Anyway up till now i have been easy on the bike, so I decided to open it up a bit. In sixth gear almost pinned for about 2 min down a road it locked up on me. I came to a stop and was able to kick it over but not able to start it. I was able to bum start it after a couple of mins, and got to a phone to get a ride home. I can't figure out the problem. Is the kit bogus for the bike or is it something else. Oh ya it is running really rich right now so over leaning is out of the question.
Anyone help!!!!!!!!
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