'93 KDX200 KIPS Help Please!


Jun 25, 2001
Hi everyone, I'm brand new to this forum and I must say I'm very impressed with how helpful and friendly everyone is. Must be because we all know we have the best bikes so we have nothing to prove.:)

Now for the question:
Upon trying to reassamble the KIPS valves, the service manual doesn't anywhere say how to time the main exhaust valve! I can get the left and right timed right, but no matter how I put the main in, it just doesn't seem to be correct. I push the actuating rod through with the main valve gear flat spot up, so the rod will go past it, but then what ?

I'm assuming from what I've read about how KIPS works that with the actuating rod pulled all the way to the right, the main valve cutout should match up with the corresponding cutout in the cylinder. Are these valves either open or closed ? Or does the centrifugal force slowly open them up as RPM increases ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks , Glenn


Aug 20, 2000

I am also in the middle of a top end rebuild...and cleaning Kips...Have the Kips changed ? Can the info on that link be applied to 95 to present ? and do you give the vavles,cams, shafts a light coat of grease when you reinstall ? if so what kind ... And what is the best way to clean the cylinder ?

Any replies thanks in advance..
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