May 8, 2001
Any suggestions for how to setup the forks on a '96 YZ 250 (oil height & weight, compression & rebound settings, spring rates)? Current settings are stock. I ride mostly in the mountains around Carson City, NV... very rocky and plenty of sand. When the forks compress, they do so quickly and seem to have a harsh spike feel near the bottom of the stroke. I'm a 180 lb. novice (even though I've been riding for a quite a few years... yes, I'm a spode). :silly: Help!


Jan 5, 2001
Click the compression damping softer, ride a non suspension bike around, then get on a dirtbike and youll forget about any suspension prob.s


May 20, 2000

It sounds like you need a fork rebuild. Either get the manual and read up about how to do it your self or send them out for a cleaning and oil change.

I'd suggest that you've had leaking seals and a bunch of the oil is gone. You probably find the front diving under braking and in the sand all the time. This results in the swaps and erratic turning characteristics.

For your type of terrain, I would recomend a higher oil height than stock with the stock springs. I'm not familiar with what's in the 96 forks, but my 94 forks were ok with the stock valving. I did my own valving with the help of MACE and Shocknut last winter. They pointed me in the right direction and I now have a pretty good set up for similar terrain to yours.

Email me if you want to get into it.
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