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Feb 28, 2000
For AMA National amateur competition in age defined classes: does the calender year one turns 40 for Senior or 50 for Super Senior count or does the birthdate count, that is you must have passed the 40th or 50 th birthday?
Can't find this in the rules book.


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Nov 12, 1999
they addressed that issue this year and to be honest i can't remember if it passed or not. I don't think it did so it would be the same as it has been for years. to ride 40 you must BE 40. meaning your birthday not calendar year.

NOW for Loretta Lynns, if you turn 40 on or before Aug 3 or in that time frame then you can qualify for LL but that doesn't let you ride all season that way only the national qualifiers.

this example is for all classes, 25+,30+,35+ 40+, 50+ etc.
IT does not apply to youth or mini bike classes. That age classification is determined by the jan 1 cut off date.


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