Mar 6, 2001
I weigh 230 lbs and the race sag on my bike I recently bought (from one of you skinny guys) is 144mm. I'm just a beginner, so can I keep riding with this sag, or is this part of the reason I fall so much. I'm sure I can adjust the preload a little, but I will probably need a new spring later on, but I need to put it off as long as I can because I'm broke! Will I be ok?


BTW I ride a '93 cr250.
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Apr 29, 2001
You will get many differeent opinions here, so here is just one. I used to ride a 93 or so XR350. It had stock springs. I too am a big guy, at the time about 250. I just used pvc spacers in the front and set the race sag in the rear as close as I could by cranking on the spring adjuster, ignoring static sag as there was none. I was barely a "C" rider and this worked fine for me. It is about all you can do when you are broke.
Not broke now, got a shiney new KTM520 and are no longer barely a "C" rider, now I'm a solid "C" rider.

Good Luck
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