Another foriegn buyer scam, BEWARE!!!


Nov 30, 2003
I put my sons XR-100 up for sale on the local/county for-sale web page. It was listed two weeks ago. I desided to check my e-mail before heading off to work and found this;

From : Antonio Lopez
Sent : Sunday, February 8, 2004 7:21 PM
To :
Subject : 1996 XR-100. The bike runs and looks great.

My name is MR ANTONIO LOPEZ,i am from U.K,i am a busines man and i deal in buying and selling all kinds of goods and i am interested in buying your (1996 XR-100. ),so i will like to confimr if you still have it for sale and if you are willing to sell it to me,i will like you to get back to me with the price and
also the pics,so as to say,i have a business partner who is owing me and he has agreed to pay me back via U.S cashier cheque. In order to move forward,i will like you to know that he is the one who will issue you the cheque and about the shipment,i have a shipping agent who will handle that,all you have to do now is to forward me your details where you want the cheque to be issued out to like...........
YOUR FULL NAME.............?
YOUR FULL ADDRESS............?
YOUR PHONE NUMBER..............?
I await to hear from you.Thanks.

I know this is a scam, from reading other posts on the subject. Who should I forward this to, what Federal Branch should be notified? I was happy at first, thinking I had the boy's bike sold, that was until I read the e-mail. He's 12 and too big for his XR-100. I think the KX-100 would be perfect for him. Plus he might be able to keep up with dad on his RM-250. Just wanted to give every one a heads up.



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Nov 25, 1999
FTC and FCC.


Sep 13, 2004
I contacted the local police in Norway after experienced the same. The police said that there was a lot of this going on, and that there was too much work to investigate this compared to what they would get out of it! (witch was probably nothing...) Should really cut their b.... of!!!!!


Dec 15, 2000
Are there really people who believe such sh*t?
I mean, first of all who on earth imports used dirtbikes from overseas? And all that talk about business partners who pay for the bike with a cheque? Hard to believe that anybody would fall on such cheap tricks.
Well, wait a minute. I take that back. I once had a colleague at work, who really did believe that the widow of the late Army General Ngoro in Nairobi will transfer 10.000.000 US $ on his bank account as soon as he sends out 1.000 $ to bribe the local police. :bang:
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