Anyone tried .46 426 springs in a 250F?


Nov 4, 2000
My riding buddy rides a 426, and upgraded to .47's, so he has his old .46's laying around. And now that my forks are "broken" in and bottoming way too often, I am thinking of popping them in with the stock oil level and see how they feel.

Has anyone experimented along these lines? IF so, how were the forks? My main worry is that they will be too stiff, since most of the articles I have read say just to go to the .45's for the 250F. I weigh appx. 175 and am a novice mx'er.


Jul 7, 2000
Yz effer I have ridden with .46 and settled on .48[235#rider] lessened compression and raised oil height. With the stiffer springs you will lose some small bump compliance. Unless you lighten compression getting you back to some bottoming. If you are happy with the fork action aside from the bottoming try raising the oil height until bottomining is kept to a minimum.


Dec 6, 2000
I went .46 kgm front / 5.0 kgm rear on my YZ250F. I'm 180lbs + gear. Bike used to bottom pretty hard and often. Feels much better jumping and in the whoops, which was exactly what I was after. I lowered my fork oil level 25mm, but will probably raise it 10-15mm from where it is now. Overall, I'm happy with the changes. On the negative side, It took a couple hours to get the dampening re-adjusted and get accustomed to the new feel.

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