Anyone tried the Michelin Starcross front tire?


Dec 3, 2000
I currently run a 756 on the front. Most of my riding is on trails, from mud to dry hardpack clay. It sounds as if though many folks like the Dunlop 755 or 756 and the Michelin M-12 and S-12 tires for the front. I am curious if anyone has tried the Michelin Starcross front tires MH2 os MS2? If so, how do they compare?

Eric K
'01 GasGas 300XC


Mar 7, 2001
I know most of the guys I know around here that like Michelin have not switched yet, they use M12 front with S12 rear.

September Dirt Rider Mag, did a tire buyers guide and they said while the M12 front is a good tire but it tucks under to easily for most of their rider's tastes.
They said the Starcross was better and their riders were mixed on which of the two, MS2 or MH2, they liked better on intermediate terrain. They also said that the MS2, like the Dunlop D756, is a true intermediate tire and doesn't work as well when the ground had a hard base under softer soil.
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