BBR/XR200 for shorter riders


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This month's issue of Dirtrider has an article on a BBR frame with an XR200 motor and CR80 supension. The bike is light and has 11" of suspension and claims to be ideal for tight and technical trails. Sgr's bike impressed me and when I saw this article; I thought I'd mention it here. Looks pretty awesome to me.


how about a KDX 200 motor in a TTR chassis, with CR 80 suspenders? sounds good to me. the one I am working on will come with lights. And will sell for $3700


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Why not the KDX 200 / KX 100 hybrid? Those have been done before, and in fact I think it was Mrs. Vixen who has or had one . . . hello?

It's a great idea--the smooth power of the KDX, for which there are plenty of mods available, in the mid-size frame and suspension of the KX. Other hybrids are possible too, but the KDX motors are plentiful and cheap. Staying with one manufacturer keeps parts availability to a reasonable level and requires less custom fabricating.