bigger springs vs. tweaking clickers

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May 5, 2000
after reviewing film of myself landing from various jumps it looks like I am bottoming out the forks at times but I don't ever feel the front wheel lock or skid, not do I feel any solid hit on the bars. I was just wondering if I should add some compression on the clickers to stiffen the forks or should I look at bigger springs? I'm worried that as I jump higher I will start damaging the forks. Stock 92 CR250 - rider about 230lbs geared up. Yeah, I know, I'm working on it!:think


Apr 18, 2001
Never use the comprssion to make up for soft springs. You will never be happy with the results, especially at 230. You should definately get on the phone and order fork and shock springs. The improvent in your riding will be more that any performance changes could get you.


Mar 15, 2001
Are the forks stock? If they are, you may need more than springs if you plan on jumping! Stock valving is a real bummer on these bikes!

I had a '92 and a '93 CR250, I weighed 140, and the forks were way too soft stock, with the clickers all the way in! I ended up sending the forks away for a re-valve on both bikes. Jeremy could provide more details, but it almost seemed like there wasn't enough of an anti-bottoming system.

Anyway, one set was sent to Pro Circuit and the other set to Jackson Performance, and they both worked way better after the re-valve.

I then switched to Suzukis because I wanted a bike with good stock suspension. Only trouble was, then I ended up sending the motor off to get ported and bored. AND I eventually re-valved the suzuki suspension as well.

To sum up, the Suzukis were ok, but the grass really wasn't greener and now I'm back on a CR250 and I love it!


May 20, 2001
230 sounds like you would need stiffer springs. However, your experience so far does not support that. The forks should bottom at least lightly in one place on the track, or you are not using all of your suspension.
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