Apr 11, 2007
A friend and I went out riding today and we had been out there 20 minutes until something pretty bad happened. He came down off a triple and went right over the berm. Bent the handlebars, tore up the throttle tube and injured himself so badly that he had to be helicoptered out. He is an experienced rider and has not been on a bike in six months. Maybe he got a little overzealous, but he broke his hip in three places and has a partially collapsed right lung and some minor kidney damage.

Has anyone here ever broken their hip? Have you ever ridden again since?

I feel so bad since he was on my bike. It has a new top end and a punched out cylinder. I keep thinking that I should have told him to take it easy and get the feel of the power before going all out. :(

He's on a morphine drip and has a little button to get more when he needs it.


Jul 25, 2006
I've never had a serious enjury, just the typical stuff like smashed ribs and bruises. If I ever had one like that I don't think Id ride any more. A hip enjury like that will plague him the rest of his life with arthritis. Best wishes to your friends healing.

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