Mx Dude

Jul 18, 2000
Going to California City next weekend to ride and wanted some input as far as what type of terrain I can expect. I've heard two different opinions so far; flat, not much to do, and rocky with some small hills :confused:. Sounds like Jawbone or Dove Springs would be better.

Any input is appreciated :D

brett r

Nov 6, 2000
People who say cal city is flat must not get far from their camp.The hills just above the lakebed go for miles,you can ride them all the way to randsburge.Its kind of a cross between jawbone and dove springs there are big rocky hills like jawbone then the terrain changes to loamy hills like dove springs its one of my favorite places to ride.Most of the people ride the flats so theres never many people riding the good stuff. We always camp about 6 miles off the main road to avoid riding the flats.


Cal City is fun

If you know where to ride it can be way fun, we call it "Camp C" and there are so many fun little trails that have whoops, hills, jumps and sand washes that are awesome, but you have to ride to trucks pretty far on the dirt!
Mar 6, 2006
California City

California City is a great place to ride, the terrain is varied and there is just about all levels of riding skills to be experienced. One of the more important points isn't the terrain but, rather the attitude of the city towards 'off-roaders'. The police department has set up a team of officers and voluteers who are deployed on holiday weekends to provide emergency first aid and help if need be. Another point to remember, California City is a big place (203 square miles) so, I'd forget the shooting part. Speaking for myself, it's pretty cool that a city in California welcomes off roaders like Cal. City does so I treat the place so I can hope to have the welcome mat continue to be out.
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