Dec 21, 2000
i need a new protector, i'm thinking about the HRP hydration protector or a moose one. i need the opinons of you HS and enduro poeple since ya'll wear them for 3 hours plus. i'm open to any protectors, i was just thinking the most about those two
Thanks :)


Oct 25, 1999
I have Sinisalo SCD-chest protector and I'm very satisfied. I can move well and it protects well. It has saved my shoulder in a bad crash. I was driving on a fast trail and hitted a root. I flew over the bars and hitted a tree shoulder first. Floating shoulder padding absorbed the hit and I my shoulder turned black and was sore few days. I'm sure that I would have broken my shoulder if the padding hadn't been floating design.


Oct 14, 2000

I had a similar experience last March. Lost it on some slick, wet pine needles and got off, plowed a large furrow with my left shoulder. My Moose chest protecter saved me from anything more than just a really sore shoulder for a few days. However, the suspended padding mesh inside the shoulder part tore loose on that side. I can't sew it back through the heavy plastic and I unsuccessfully tried super-gluing it (only a superficial hold, popped loose again after one ride).

What should I do? Toss it? Tear out the padding on the other side? I'm thinking it should be replaced in order to maintain the protection, but this thing is otherwise like new.

Anybody have an similar situation/solution?


Nov 7, 2000
I have a moose protector to. They are made by Acerbis. In looking back I would want the Acerbis now for the rib protection that is on the starps. In all I'm happy with my protector and it has saved me many times. As for the broken one I would toss it and get a new one. If it kept you out of the hospital and saved you all that pain from a broken shoulder it has already paid for itself. If you do decide to keep it why not pre-drill small holes in the plastic with the smallest drill bit you can find and then sew with strong fishing line and a leather needle. It will proably hold better than the original sewing. Just make sure that you get the mesh in the same position so that the shoulder pad part is still suspended.
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Jan 1, 2001
I cannot say enough good things about my Fox Air Frame CP. It’s light and comfortable and offers great protection. When I crashed at Mills MX track I hit my shoulder very hard, the AF took the hit and all I had to show for my little fall was a small bruise. The hinge in the back makes the AF very nice to wear, it never pinches or rubs. The price was nice too. I got mine for $130. They come in all colors and look very nice. I highly recommend this CP to anyone and everyone.

Lee Wilson


May 17, 2000
chest protector repair

zip ties!!! use the ones with the stainless tit ...(T&B) they work the best... now go ride!!!!................cw:confused:


Apr 2, 2001
Fox roost 2

It's the best chest protecter i've evr owned. I had a Fox air frame and i very much disliked it. Roost 2 is the way to go. It's saved me so many times although did you know that "chest protecter are for roost only they say on the warning label". I dont think that is true, they(Fox) just say that to cover there butt.


May 31, 2001
I have the roost 2 also. I have never been hurt while wearing it. One time I was just going to go for a little ride in the woods and didn't put it on. I was riding my friends fourwheeler and hit a tree with the the left tire. The bars hit me in the cheast and broke a rib. I have done this before with the cheast protector on and came out with out a scratch on me or a crack in the protector. It is very comfortable too.

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