Nov 8, 1999
Eric -- I saw in your Performance book, that clutch adjusting problems can occur because of the clutch cover on the '95 Suzuki 125.

On the '95 I just bought, The clutch engages right at the end. I have moved the case/cover actuating arm a spline each way, I have used the perch adjusting wheel, and it still engages right at the end. It does not appear to slip it just engages late. Also the bike will not start in gear. I put the bike in second with the clutch pulled in and it just lurches.

I bought this bike for a friend's 13 year old (tall for his age) for $1300, which is a very good deal in my area, so I don't mine spending some money on it.

Before I tore into it I read your manual. So, do I get the cover, or do I replace the plates? I don't want to waste money either.

Thanks in advance!!

Eric -- I also e-mailed you this question.
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