couldn't register with a gmail email address?


I tried to register with two of my gmail addresses, but it said my email address was banned. There's no possible reason that they were actually banned, as I've never used this site or been banned anywhere... I used a yahoo email address and it was fine. But I never check that email address. Could someone tell me whats going on with that?


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You can't use a "free" e-mail service. Has to be one that you pay for, like the one that you purchase your internet service through.


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It is unusual for a free email address to be allowed because we like to have some idea who is really registering. Often we get a troublemaker that gets themselves banned because of their behavior and they then try to reregister with a free email acount and cause more trouble. Also making you use a paid email account stops most of the spammers that hit sites at random


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Well we can always ban you if that would make ya' feel better. :)