Jan 13, 2001
I am 5'6" and currently own a '98 cr125 which I got lowered about 1.5 inchs. This only involved adding spacers. I have noticed that the seat heights of all new yzs are about 2 inches higher than the crs. Is this a genuine difference or is it compensated by a different seat shape or something? I saw that Rick Rohrich got his bikes lowered 4 inchs but i dont know if anyone in Ireland would do that for me. I would like to get a second hand yz250f in the next year or two but not with that height difference. any ideas/information? Jeremy?


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Nov 14, 2000
Yamaha measure's the hieght at the suspension extended all the way out. Go to a yamah dealer. You can shave the seat foam if you want but the spacers would work just as well and would be removeable.
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