Aug 5, 2007
ok so... i made a big mistake,, while taking the lower case on the side of the crank apart the peice of the bottom of the case cracked off about a 1inch but 2inch peice .. i figure ill have to buy a new lower case.. not a weilder at All but i dont think u can weild aluminum .. but if u gott any advice for me that would be kool


Oct 19, 2006
If you broke a piece off of the case, I would lean towards replacing the whole thing. A crack in the case is usually easily repaired with epoxy. Broken off pieces generally have to be welded. It is always such a pain in the rear to weld on oil soaked aluminum parts such as crankcases, but very possible. Figure on an hours labor from a welder to have it repaired ($80-90) versus a new crankcase half ($150-200).
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