Dec 4, 2006
3 Seasons back pretty much destroyed the r/side of the collar bone. First doc said it should heal on it's own... 12 weeks later she sent me to the plate and screw guy. This guy says the thing would have never healed (to many dead pieces) thus he proceeded to take a piece of the leg and insert it between two "live" collar bone pieces. Lost a week on the good meds and when I returned the second week he pretty much said do as you please. I waited until I could do some push ups and carry five gallon buckets of water then got back on the KX. Every now and then it "cracks" and I mean loud and I feel like it isn't right but the funny thing is the steel side has better range of motion and seems stronger than the original side. Just don't be stupid...


Old MX Racer
Oct 19, 2006
Non unions suk!First plate and donor bone BROKE!Second more bigger plate is much better,so big the outside screw went into my arm socket!9 months later and I can ride!I can not wait to get this damn thing out of my shoulder,and mri's do not draw the metal out,it only gets warm!


Oct 9, 2004
I custom crushed my collar bone with my chin back in '95. The bone healed well, just took time. I became frustrated with my ortho not really telling me anything except to come back in 2 weeks so I stopped going to see him. After all, I can tell if the bone's healing, right? Big mistake since he was waiting for the bone to heal before adressing any tissue damage issues.
Now, after say a 2 hr. HS on a rough course, I can hardly raise my arm straight out in front of me. I know I've got something torn in my shoulder and it will require surgery to repair. I know I've aggrevated the injury several times since it originally happened. Would I have if I had kept seeing the doc and completed treatment and therapy? Probably not.
Anyway, my point is stick with the doc and give yourself enough time to heal. Save yourself some pain down the road.


May 15, 2007
I broke mine in 3 peices when I went shoulder first into the bearm.I am almost 6 weeks out and I still am in pain, not as bad as I was. I went for a ride on my road bike yesterday and it wasn't to bad. I just cant wait to get on my dirt bike again.


Aug 8, 2006
Anyone ever destroyed their collar bone to the point that they couldn't count the pieces in the x-ray? I have 7 screws and a plate holding the three major pieces together and have been waiting for the other million pieces to heal. Anyone gone through this before? I just want to ride again, but can't risk hurting it before it is completely healed because of work. Thanks.

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