do i keep the ol kdx or do i choose another weapon


Apr 26, 2002
hey everybody!! I bought a 1991 kdx 200 this year and i want more power ans speed!!! but i love the byke .. no problems .. big gas tank... good size byke.. but it laks in power!!! should i buy a kx 250 or should i keep the bike and put mods on the kdx... i would perfer to keep this bike and i have a budget of about $2000 to spend on mods so if u can give me ne ideas of wut u have done or wut i can do to make my bike allot faster..... n if i did this how much of a difference would there be .. like could i get it as powerfull as a kx 250 ... if i did this would it make my buss less reliable??? thanx for all ur helo

c u on the trails!!!


Dec 30, 2002
I suppose the answer to your question depends somewhat on what you're going to do with the bike and what you ultimately are after. For what it's worth, I'll tell you what I did with my 1990 KDX last winter.

I bought the bike new and raced it (hare scrambles & enduros) the first couple of years but took up racing stock cars after that so the bike sat. Well, now I'm back into the bike and decided to keep it and update it rather than spend $4K on a new KDX or who knows how much on an alternative. I've been doing a little racing and quite a bit of woods riding and the bike is still faster than I am at this point.

Last winter I stripped the bike down and sent a lot of pieces off to Fredette. I had the cylinder and head ported, the forks re-sprung and overhauled, the shock overhauled, and the top end replaced. I also bought an FMF pipe and silencer, new suspension and axle bearings, new water hoses, etc, etc. I found a lot of new plastic on ebay. In the end the bike is in like new condition and suits me quite well. Power is great but I am considering an upgrade to KX forks. I think I've spent somewhere between $1500-2000.

It seems worth it to me but you'll have to decide for yourself. If you're just after power, I'd suggest the exhaust and a good port job along with correcting the jetting.


Oct 3, 2002
KDXs are great bikes and for under a grand you could add a pipe and port/rebuild the top end. Then invest the remainder in a good mutual fund. :scream:

You didn't mention your age nor the type of rider that you are. If you are young and aggressive, trading up to a KX250 might be a good idea. Your KDX is the older model and parts availability will become an issue one day. Your $2000 and the KDX would get you into a late model KX easily. Then you'd have all the power and a much better suspension as well.


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Nov 25, 1999
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