Mar 7, 2001
It warms my heart to see all the passion that riders have towards their european off-road bikes. At times it closer to a pissing match than anything. For years I have been racing European enduro bikes and people so often had the attitude that I was riding an overpriced oddity. When I rode the ISDE qualifier series on a GasGas in 1994, people just shook their heads(admittedly I should have stayed on my Husaberg at that time and I later switched to a KX250). They could not understand why I would pay 5 to 10% more over a Jap bike for my steed. People are finally realizing the actual cost savings to buy the good stuff from the factory. My current bike (a TM125enduro) costs ~$6000 to purchase new. Truthfully, it is the cheapest bike I've ever owned in the long run, it is well built and won't break. Riding a euro bike is an advantage now days.

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