Feel like a ran over a good Friend :(


Nov 7, 2000
a long time ago there was thread on here about stands and what people were using. Several said they were using rubbermaid 2 step - step stools. I went out and got one. I used it as a step stool for loading things into the back of the truck. I used it putting the bike in the back for the truck. I also used it as a stand for washing the bike and for repairs when at the riding area. I also used around the house alot. I was loading up some stuff to the help a friend fix his riding lawn mower (tool box, jack, jackstands, etc..) and used it. Well I came home and unloaded everything and all was good except for one thing. I usualy back the truck in and unload into the garage. Well this time since I did not have a lot back there I thought I would just pull in normal. Unloaded everything and forgot to put the stool back into the garage. I crunched it in the driveway the next morning backing out. It went out with a bang. Shook the whole truck before it gave in and shattered.

Goodbye old friend :(

here is a picure of it

The realy crappy part is that its been gone for a week and I have thought of many uses for it around the house this week. I have been to Walmart, target, K-mart, lowes, Home depot, and Sutherlands Nobody carries that stool :whiner:

I guess I will have to make a heavier on out of wood or something. It was dam handy and something I needed to get the bike in the truck (Yes, I have stummpy legs)
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Feb 9, 2000
:) Damnan what the heck are you doing :p


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Sep 9, 2000
Sorry for your great loss. I cant imagine the pain your going thru at this time. I too had a great friend that i had to take out to the trash pile. It was hard but i made it and so can you. Just keep you head up and just one day you'll find another great stool.


We have them everywhere around here.


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Nov 10, 1999

Not to sound sick or anything, but do you have any post-mortem pic's? I think it would help the prosecution....


Nov 7, 2000
You leave me out of this, mister!

I said that I had stumpy legs and not Stumpy's legs :)

Smitty and Lucky

Had I thought about it I would have taken pictures of it before I tossed it. It was actualy a hit and run as I was late for work and did not have much time to stop. I just threw the peices in the back of the truck and coverdd them with a tarp. I waited untill it was dark and disposed of them in a nice place were not body would find them. The guilt was just to much so I had to confess here. The cops don't suspect and thing :thumb:

Tony Eeds

Godspeed Tony.
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Jun 9, 2002
Click Here

If that link doesn't work, try U.S. Plastics Corp and search for Rubbermaid® Two Step Stool

They can ship you one .....

BTW - This durable stool holds up to 300 lbs. The second step helps you get the height you need to comfortably reach hard to access spots. It is lightweight and easy to store and carry. The bottom pads provide non-slip protection and protect your floors at the same time. Great to have at home or in the office. Size is 16.235" x 18.509" x 18.576"


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Sep 24, 2000
I work at the evil blue empires home office. Get me the model number and I will locate the buyer over that catagory to see if it is still available. I will be at Dirtweek next week so it will be the week after before I will be able to check. :thumb:


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Aug 31, 2000
I am living proof that that stand can hold more than 300 lbs. I've sat on my bike while the bike was on one of these stands. Job Lot 4.99$


Jul 1, 2003
Sorry about you dear departed stool.
I couldn't open your photo. But I've seen two step stools at the bath/kitchen specialty stores, "Bed, Bath and Beyond" and "Linens and Things". You might check them out.

I understand about running over things. A zillion years ago I ran over my boyfriends ancient deaf dog in the driveway. He had fallen asleep behind the rear wheel of my 280Zx...Thump-Thump. His name was Karma. Really.
I always think of him when I see that quip about "My karma ran over my dogma."

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