Nov 7, 2000
Let me start off by saying I have stumpy legs. Short and round. I got a smokin deal on some SG-1's (50% off). They fit in the foot area just fine and they were decent in the store on the calves, but not a lot of room. I could not get the top closed with my knee pads and pants on (when I got home). I have Thor Force knee guards. The protection rocks and they are vented enough. I don't want to give them up.

Tonight I did manage to get the pads on with the boots and everything closed. It was tight as helll, but it worked. I was in shorts so I did not have the added thickness of the pants.

Will these things stretch out in the calf area? I would like a little breathing room.

I tried them on with some old thor pads that I have. The ones that have 2 straps around the calves. That worked alright, but I realy like the protection of the Thor as well as the venting.

Does anyone know if the AXO pivot guards are not as thick as the Thor and if they are vented good? Mxsouth has them on closeout right now.

Option 2 would be to take them back and get some Tech 6's. He quoted me about the same price as the SG-1, but I did not like the fit of the Tech 6's in the foot area and feel the SG-1 is more boot for the money. I have MSR (made by Alphinestars) right now and they barely work with the Thor pads.

Any Suggestions? How bout yous guys with the SG-1 or the AXO pads?


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Dec 26, 2001
I am slowly getting mine to stretch out.

I have thick legs and knee braces to boot (that sounded funny). They are almost stretching enough to overlap at the top but I am still REAL UNHAPPY with these boots.

My suggestion is to carefully overlap everthing and then keep it from bunching up when you latch them.

If I had the option, I'd trade mine for the Tech 6s as I know my alpinestars had much more room in the calf.


Dec 4, 2002
i have really skinny calves and i also have SG-1's. i have the opposite problem of you. i need less play in the top.. and i even have asterisk knee braces! baa.. i dont think this is helping you much but its kinda funny that we both need the opposite .
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