Apr 14, 2001
I'm a beginner, ~190#, Desert/Trail riding.

I've been looking to improve the forks on my '93 DR350s. Race Tech sells their Gold Valve Emulator Kit and springs. I was wondering if this would be a great improvement over stock?

I feel that I'm too heavy for the stock setup. I don't find it as noticable on the rear, but the forks tend to dive and then rebound to quickly under heavy braking. I have the preload & compression maxed on the forks, and the shock is at max comp.

Would it be wise to do the shock also?

Anyone have some advice?

Thanks in advance.




Mar 17, 2001
Have they been serviced lately (ever?)

A basic service and cleanup on forks and shocks is very cheap. It's likely that some parts are worn so its best to get them checked out

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Jeremy Wilkey

Owner, MX-Tech
Jan 28, 2000
Normaly I really suggest the Emulator. It's RT's best product.. However it may not be the best idea for Desert if your in real rocky condtions.

The springs are a must, and if the desert is say sand whooped then go for it.. The emulator actually gives you low speed control which you have non with the standard damper rod set-up.

I would forgo the swiss cheeseing of the damper rod.. The holes don't have to be added..

Best Regards,
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