How does the newer yamaha thumpers compare to the.


Jun 17, 2001
#1 How does the newer yamaha thumpers compare to the older
Honda XR 400 style thumpers?:)

I'm thinking about buying a newer thumper and I need advise on what to buy, I use to have a XR600 and i loved it, I do MX tracks (GLEN HELEN) and desert Riding (MOJAVE).
Mostly looking at the XR400 due to its known reliability.
Thanks, Jay


Oct 31, 2000
The XR400 is a great bike - in it's element. Mojave (anything more than casual trail pace) & Glen Helen ARE NOT the XR4's element w/o spending serious dollars on the suspension & engine. And then you still have a 5 year old chassis design & more money into it than a YZ/WR would cost. One mitigating circumstance - a new YZ/WR is a Red Sticker bike. I don't know if the XR is Red or Green Sticker.

Buy the Yamaha - YZ or WR depending upon your needs for a close ratio trans/no headlight vs wide ratio trans/headlight. It's much cheaper (read free) to convert a WR to a YZ valve timing than adding lights to a YZ.

I have a '99 WR400 that has had no problems that were not the result or rider/mechanic - ME - error.

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