Jul 14, 2006
I took off my rear brake line to clean spooge off of the line and caliper. I put the line back on with the washers in the same place (one on either side of the line flange).

So here is where I am stuck. I started bleeding the line by putting a rubber hose on the drain screw, and set the other end of the hose in a glass filled with a little brake fluid. I cracked the valve and pressed the brake pedal, then closed the valve and let the pedal back up. And repeated again and again. The first dozen pumps I saw air bubbles come out of the end of the hose (in the glass), after that - nothing came out at all. I didn't need to add anything to the reservior, since the level didn't go down.

So when I close the drain valve the pedal goes all the way down without making the pads go in.

What did I do wrong? What is the right way to bleed brakes?
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