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Sep 15, 1999
Hey now..... I got a scratch the other day and the blood was still orange. Must be that Husaberg KTM relationship thing....But I still love those KTM's. It just did not work out that way this time. We will see what happens in 2 years.... But I would be willing to bet the next is orange..... This new bike is pretty sweet though... Strick - When you wanna ride it? I saw a 02 400 sx yesterday and it looked awsome.....

Offroader - Cant make it. The Scrilla is not flowing as fast this year and the boss (work) beat me to it and we both cannot be gone. However I did tell Okie at Washougal that it would have been alot harder to miss it had it been somewhere else. Hard to drive 3 days to ride the same area. I Would have liked to have made it and would have If I could but I'll just have to say "maybe next time":( .

Oh and by the way, I would have rolled in the Neon. Going Solo its the best way period...... And the Berg would fit......

Damn the New thread button..........................:p
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