Mar 24, 2001
I can't believe it. 36 years of riding without any serious injury, I get it twice in one season. I broke my wrist last Memorial Day and now I have broken my upper arm. I won't be doing any riding on the 15th.

My new bike must be jinxed. The owner I bought it from rode it twice before an extended stay in the hospital. I think I have ridden it about 1000 miles and been injured twice. I like the bike, does anyone know an Exorcist or a Witch Doctor?

Have a good weekend. Post the pictures fast.



Jun 4, 2001
Sorry to hear of your broken arm:( . Hope it heals quick and straight.

I wonder if it is your bike. Is it more of a race bike than your last?
I'm a little apprehensive about the start of the Hare Scrambles series down here in Florida. I'll be on a KDX220 which I know is not a real race bike according to you MX guys but it is a huge step up from the little four stroke I was riding. I been out on it a few times and it makes me feel like I can fly through anything - whoops are even fun. I've laid it down a few times but no real crashes yet and I'm feeling very confident, probably TOO confident. I'm worried that when the adrenalin gets pumping I'll start riding way over my head and get hurt. I really need to go to work on Monday morning. I'm trying to work up a stategy, any ideas? Not racing is not an option!
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