Is Trailriding a Replacement for Hiking for You?


Dec 25, 2000
After I lost my leg in a motorcycle-vs-car accident, I was forced to stop hiking. Thank God I can trailride! I need the escape and exercise a lot. The pride in overcoming greater and greater obstacles are much needed too.


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Nov 24, 2000
i too had a motorcycle vs. car accident. i was 14 years old and got hit by a little old lady. i didn't lose a leg (i consider myself lucky) but it's 1 1/4 inches shorter now. i spent over six weeks in the hospital and about three months in a body cast after that. that pretty much ended my varsity sports career. they say it will cause me back problems someday (i actually had a college disability scholarship) but no real problems have resulted from it yet. i got back into motorcycling at about age 25 and started racing mx at age 27. i'm 42 now and still racing.

as far as hiking goes, i hike almost every day at work; i'm a land surveyor.
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Feb 3, 2001
Mountain Biking is a replacement for hiking for me.
The best parts of hiking are the sounds and just being able to see every little detail of the trail. You can still experience that while climbing a trail on a bicycle but not on a dirt bike (untill you stop for the views:silly: )

When I'm riding my dirt bike if I start "gazing" at the scenery I lose my conceration and either; start riding slower, get passed or I'll crash in a stupid mistake:confused:


Apr 1, 2001
I rode Cleghorn trail with RMJeff yesterday (San Bernardino Mtns.) and some of the views are breath-taking. It was pretty hot, so every time we got to a good view spot, we would stop for a water break and take in the view.
I too spend enough time on my feet at work, and would rather ride through the woods any day!


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Nov 21, 2000
I used to like hiking...until a severe ankle injury made walking very painful. Walking more than a mile is impossible at this point...maybe this will change in the future. Trial riding with my kids definitly fills the hole left. I love getting WAY out into the woods/forrest. Shutting off the bike and just watching/listening as the forrest comes back to life.:)
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