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Oct 23, 2000
The long awaited Fox women's gear has finally hit the market. Due to be in your local dealer by late September or early October, the pant and jersey come in blue and yellow. Pants are sized by women's 5/6, 7/8 and so on. Jersey comes in S-XXL. Check out the newest issue of Transworld MX for pictures. I believe it is Amber in the photo, too. She's sitting down though so you can't get a very good idea of what the pants look like. I looked and the photos aren't on either TWMX or Fox's websites. It doesn't look too bad, though, not foofy or girly or frilly or anything. We'll see.


Dec 6, 2000
It's about time! I guess I coming back just in time to get my new gear:D
Dennis dislikes Fox gear because you see everyone wearing it even people that don't ride or have never riden before. Oh well I still like it. Thanks for the info. I'll be looking forward to seeing it:)


Jul 12, 2000
There is a pic of the Fox womens gear in the new(October) Racer X on page 122 of Jessica Patterson. I've seen some other pics of it on the net but couldn't find them. Looks good ladies.

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