JT Sprockets . . . Opinions Please !!


I need to buy a new rear sprocket for my YZ426, and I've seen a couple of on-line places offer "JT" Sprockets. They are steel sprockets and run anywhere from $19-$25 dollars. Are they good, junk or indifferent ?? I have never heard of this brand before. I'm looking for durability not light weight or anything special. The price is attractive compared to a Renthal at $49, and Sunstar which is a special order for the number of teeth I'm looking for.


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All it took for me was to try them once. Talk about some soft metal, they didn't last long at all.

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Which sproket?

I have a 00 KDX 200 that at the begining of the season I changed both sprockets. The one's that the cycle shope ordered were Sprocket Specialists. Right now they show very little wear if any. My only complaint was that I didn't specify that I wanted a steel rear sprocket. When the parts came in, I realized that it was aluminum. So far it has been great. I will buy them again.

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All i run for Sprokets is JT's with RK x-ring chain. I've never had any problems, and they wear very well.

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I have JT sprockets with an RK O-ring chain on my RM80 and after a full summer of riding (last year), there isn't any wear on the sprockets or the chain. I would buy them again.