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Dec 6, 1999
A few weeks ago I asked for advice on KTM vs. GasGas. Boy, did I get the responses!! Thanks!! There was some brand jabbing, but basically good stuff.

My trial rides give similar impressions to the advice. I'm 5'10", 215ish, and currently ride a WR400. I've found the GasGas 200 geometry works the best for me, and is softer, but still OK. I've found the KTM200 has a fantastic motor, and had to check the stickers twice to make sure I wasn't accidentally on a 250.

My short list of replacement bikes: YZ250F (my kid's got one, and it's really great!), GasGas 200, GasGas 250, and lower down the list KTM200.

My main question is the relative difference in power characteristics between the GasGas 200 and 250. Low end, the powerband hit, and rideability after a full day of sucking everyone elses' dust and being sort of out of shape are key matters for me. I like the 200's, but when I need the extra boost to haul my lard up a hill, I'm thinking I should go 250.

I haven't been able to find a GasGas 250 to try out, thus the reason for my question.

Thanks a bunch for the help!


Dec 13, 2000
If you liked the YZ250F, you might want to wait a few more months and see what the GasGas 250 4-stroke will be like.
The same geat handling, suspension, and components with a electric starter!!:)

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May 3, 2000
I had a chance to ride Mr. WR's '99 Gas Gas 200. I believe his is an EC with an XC cylinder. The bike was an absolute blast to ride! His bike had enough low end for crawling around nasty stuff in the woods, but not as much down low as most 250's. It had a pretty zesty blast in the upper mid and reved out real nice (it had been re-jetted). His GG200 didn't give away much to my 250 on the straight aways, but traction was pretty limited that day. You could ride the 200 'off the pipe' in the tight single track and still make good time, and let it rip on the straight aways.

It felt light and would certainly be easy to ride all day. Brakes were very good. Suspension was good stock, but like any bike would benefit from some professional fine tuning for your riding style. WER is supposed to know what to do.

The bike was very impressive and fit me like a glove. It usually takes me a little while to get used to a KTM, but the Gas Gas felt natural to this CR rider. Many of my friends have KTM300's, and they are great, but I felt a lot more comfortable on the GG 200.

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