Mi. Trail Riders
Jan 16, 2002
I took some time this morning for a ride "up North" to visit a fellow DRNer at Whiskey Creek. It was, to say the least, a very wet day and I didnt even bother getting my bike out. Had a grreat visit though..
To the point: On my way into and out of the "Whiskey Creek" (Big-O) area I was SHOCKED at the amount of people in the woods. Both hunters and quad riders (may have been hunters too). I live in the sticks and every year at this time, the "influx" of people coming out to enjoy the great outdoors seems to increase in my area, as I noticed it has up there.
Just thought I would take a minute and remind myself and my friends that it might be wise to be a "little" more cautious on the trail this time of year - most of the wilderness flora is still up making it even more tricky...
Just a thought.
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