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Nov 3, 2003
ok i've looked at the just kdx site and searched the internet but i can't find much info on a kdx 250. i'm looking to buy a 1991 250 sr (japanese import) and i have a few questions? i've read that the 250 is heavier than the 200/220 - so what is the weight? does the 250 use the same chassis/frame as the 200/220. what is the power of the 250?(sr model has smaller carbs?). i understand that the sr models are more road/street orientated but are thay still suitable for mainly trail riding. any help or links would be appreciated. cheers for your help/patience

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May 3, 2000
The SR model was never imported into the states, but I believe it is a street legal version of the KDX250 we got here from '91 to '94.

I had a '91 that I street legalized in California. With no gas it weighed about 255-260 pounds, which is about 20-30 pounds more than the real weight of a KDX200.  My bike had a lighter aftermaket pipe and silencer than stock.  I think the SR would weigh a little more than my dirt version.

The motor is based on the '88 KX250.  Power can be increased by using a thin KX head gasket from the '88 KX, but you will need to run premium fuel.  The bike has a very heavy stock flywheel - you will not need to add a flywheel weight, that's for sure.  FMF has an aftermarket pipe that not only aids power but it saves a lot of weight. 

The frame is not the same as any KDX200.  It appears based on a late '80's KX, but is made with heavier materials. 

The US magazines did not like the '91-'94 250 that was brought to our land, so sales were slow.  As sold, the bike had improper jetting, too cold of a spark plug, was heavy for a 250, had a poor seating position, slow steering, and the forks were bad (soft springs and too much high speed compression damping).  With some fine tuning, all the problems except the weight can be fixed. 

The fuel tank on the dirt version is large.  Both mine and my friends measured 3.6 gallons (the manual says 3.3 gallons). 

Mine was very reliable.  But as with any Kawasaki, if the jetting has been too rich the powervalves can get gummed up.

After modifications, the bike was quite a bit more powerful than my '90 KDX200, with much better low end power.  With the stock pipe and silencer, the bike had a pronounced hit in the low-mid range.  With the FMF pipe and a modified KDX200 aftermarket silener, mine had a very smooth power delivery and more top end.  For mountains, the extra power compared to the 200 is nice.  On most trails, I preferred the dialed in 250 to the lighter 200.

To sum it up, in stock condition the bike was not well liked and it needs some help.  But it will really respond to some fine tuning.  The bikes are usually very low priced, so that makes it easier to put up with the weight. 
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