Kdx200/Kx125/250/500 front end swap?


Sep 18, 2001
Is it possible to swap the front end(i.e. forks, clamps, brakes, wheel, etc.) of a 1990 Kdx 200 with the mentioned parts of the same era Kx (any disp.) or a newer model without any major mod's?
Also would the Kdx engine fit into any of those frames, if so with what mod's or not?


Dec 13, 2000
I have a set of KLX 300 forks on my KDX 200, but the internals are basicly the same as the stock 43 mm forks, is there any performance gains ? I really dont know yet as Im still healing from a broken leg/ankle. The only problem that I can see by swaping to a KX front end is the travel difference, the KDX is less than the KX fork. Im not sure what the actual travel is on the KDX, about 11" I guess and the KX should be about 12". Not really a major problem, as any good suspension tuner can shorten up the travel on the KX fork, but will it match the stock travel ? You will also have to have a KDX steer stem pressed into the lower triple claimp unless the stems are the same.
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