Dec 11, 2000
I am going to buy either a Honda XR250R or a KDX200. I know that both of these are good bikes for trail riding and fire roads and that is all I will be using if for except some little jumps. My dad road dirt bikes on the 1970s' and he had a four Stroke. He wants me to get a 4 stroke so that the Spark Plug won't foul. my uncle used to have a 100cc 2 Stroke and he rode trails with it and he said that if you don't open the throttle up every once in a while on the 2 cycle he had that it would foul the plug up. I can see this easily happening on a 2 stroke 125 since it is not made for woods and trails. But I know that the XR250R 4 stroke will not foul the plug while in 1st gear or just putting around. But will the KDX200 foul a spark plug or will it be just as good as the XR250R in that spot? I will probably get the XR250R anyway because I know that it will be more reliable but I just want to know. Thanks Matt. I really love the sound and smell of a 2 cycle engine.

Canadian Dave

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Apr 28, 1999
It shouldn't come as any surprise that 2-strokes have come a long way in 30 years. There is no reason a properly jetted KDX200 should use any more plugs than an XR250. Its not uncommon for riders to go a couple years on one plug. Both are good bikes you won't go wrong with either.



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Oct 26, 1999
I've had my bike almost a year now (99 kdx200) and in that time I've changed the plug once. It was a case of too many cooks spoil the broth - my husband didn't realise I'd put a rag in the carb, I didn't realise he hadn't seen it, end result we left it in. I always carry a spare plug just in case, but have given them to people along the way rather than using them myself.
I'm a slow trail rider, but I've done just about all the mods possible - only porting & carb to go if I ever need it.

I also often follow an LT80 & PW80 around, so really slow going. I just make sure if I've been riding with the girls, I open it up on my own afterwards.

jeff joy

May 14, 2001
I've owned both bikes and currently have a 99 kdx 200.you will change the plugs on both bikes about the same and that is allmost never.Where I ride there is alot of long steep hill climbs and trails so if I'm not going up I'm coasting down,sometimes for 10 minutes or more and I have never fouled a plug.My buddies on the other hand that seem to think their 250 motocrossers are good trail bikes are another story.By the way the 250 xr is a pig compared to the kdx--just my opinion:)
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