Jun 9, 2001
My KDX is leaking oil out of the Kips valve actuator cover. Why would this be? Does it indicate my jetting is off. I took the cover off and installed a new gasket last night but have not ridden since. Should there be oil collecting inside the cover to lube the actuator lever and arm? I know it shouldn't be leaking out. Hopefully the gasket will fix the leak. I premix 32:1.

Thanks for the help.


Aug 7, 1999
My cover doesn't leak, but I know that when I strip it down the KIPS is always covered in thin black oil, quite wet in fact.

Inspite of that, they don't appear to carbon up very much at all, and so I try not to let it bother me.

I run a good quality synthetic oil at between 32 & 40 : 1 (32:1 for racing and 40:1 for trail riding). My jetting is fine so I figure it must be normal to have this oil on the KIPS. It's not like it drips from the pipe or anything...

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