drz mick

Jun 2, 2001
My friend bought his DRZ400 E shortly after I'd purchased mine. I loved the bike to death but I'd never ridden two stroke off road. I tested the KTM and thought I liked it so I traded the DRZ, maybe on a whim.
I've learned quick on the 200 but what a shock the other day.
I rode my friends DRZ. So many words sprang to mind: slow, heavy, tug boat, flat, low rider......etc
If you're thinking about it...... just do it..... as they say.
The DRZ is a great bike but I can't believe how much better the KTM is.
I definitely made the right choice.:cool:


May 14, 2001
I also welcome you to the world of KTMers. I had a KDX 200 and traded for a KTM 200 MXC. Just ran my first Hare scramble this weekend. What an awesome bike! No comparison to other bikes I've rode. Pretty smooth on a motocross track also.

2001 MXC 200


Same here.

Mick, I think you even replied to the thread I started when I first thought about trading in the beloved DRZ for my 250MXC. Best decision I ever made, except when I traded the DR350 for the DRZ! I am very, very happy with my KTM, to say the least.:)
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