Oct 7, 1999
I heard about a recall on KX65's due to cracking frames. What years were affected? Is it true that the original owner is the only one who can take the bike to the dealer for the fix? Thanks.


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Jan 1, 2001
The 2000 model I know for sure was recalled to reinforce the frame at the front top . Calll your local dealer and they will be able to tell you if the 2001 needed the frame fixed. the 2001 also had a recall on something to do with the rear brake. My best guesss would be that the second owner would also get the work done for free.

hope this helps, Walt


Aug 12, 2000
2000 had the frame problems. 2001 were corrected in production.

I am a 2001 original owner and have not been advised of any recalls to the frame. The recall regarding the brakes was on all KX's. They upgraded the cotter pin that holds the rear brake pin in. The new pin is Stainless Steel.

My son is very happy with his 01 KX65. No frame problems, in fact NO problems at all !!


Jan 27, 2000
LT. My grandson broke his KX frame the first few rides. They break at the front downtube and the cradle under the engine. Had to take and glove it with some 4130 chrome moly tubing to make it live. They also have a problem with crank big end bearings. Did more cranks on that bike than I can remember.

It may be a good bike for Conner until he starts jumping the big doubles, then, you may want to takes Strick's suggestion and get him a KTM. That is what we did and the KTM is holding up very well.

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