At0m1c FuSi0n

Dec 3, 2000
The fuel tap on my 1992 KDX 200 leaks whenever its on. I cant figure out why. I checked the 2 things inside or it (the o-ring the the other thing w/ 4 holes in it) and they look fine. Can anyone help me out? :confused:

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
You mean it leaks out of the side of it I assume?

Yeah piece of the proverbial

There was a thread I responded to a while back but can’t seem to find it.

Pull it apart again & clean the face of the back of the tap against a fine oil stone or v.fine sandpaper on a flat surface (glass). Bend the wavy washer thingy a bit to put more preload on it. This is the main key I think.

My 91 only had 2 of the possible 3 or 4 screws holding it together so I added the others (M3 bolts) so don’t know if this is std or not.

Obviously look at the rubber bits to see any damage which I guess you have already done.

Stopped the leak ever since.

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