My new 2004 KDX200

Sep 30, 2003
Ok. I've got the new bike. I've read Canadian Dave's list of things I should do, even though all I want to do is go tear around the woods. If I rev it a little in the first 30 minutes, am I doomed to be replacing a cylinder? Where do I get a repair manual that tells me / shows me how everything assembles and disassembles? I am pretty new to this and don't want to go fixing something and then end up with a great bike in pieces in my garage.
Apr 6, 2003
Purchase an "Official Kawasaki Service Manual" at They
are a bit salty pricewise, but also extremely thorough with pictures and
step-by-step instructions for everything.

You will get alot of differing opinions on break-in, but if you follow the
instructions on this site for the most part, you'll be good to go. The
world will not end if you hang onto one gear for a few more rpm in the first
hour. Think about your first new car. Did the motor blow up when you went
over 55 before you had 500 miles on it? Right.

The general concept is that a new engine is made up of moving parts in very
close tolerances to one another. It is best not to put too much stress on
these components until they have mated to one another or "broken in".
Oct 14, 1999
Note the KIPS assembly correction on CDave's site. While I've been told kawi has no intention on correcting their manuals, I'be also been told by those that purchased newer manuals that the correction has been made.

While some may indeed take apart the topend to 'check it' as the manual says, I would bet that number is small. If you know nothing about engine break in (any engine), then paying some attention to the procedure listed would be a good idea.

The procedure is basically the same for any engine. Don't let it get too hot. Vary the load during the procedure. Change the oil after the first ride for sure (and that ride not a 500 mile marathon).

Otherwise a modicum of common sense is likely sufficient.

CDave's 'new bike prep' (readed and heeded) will save you money and downtime in the probably too-near future.

Have fun!!