Mar 16, 2007
so I broke my clutch. I took my bike almost completely apart. with the front wheel and all connected to the frame. stuffed it into the back of my suv to take it to clean it at those do it yourself carwashes. and I guess I was too ruff with it. pulled it out and the clutch and the perch?( the metal peice the lever connects to) brpke. So I need a new one. Do I have to get a clutch lever and perch desinged specifically for my bike. or just about any old clutch lever from a 125 or maybe a 250 would work?


Apr 29, 2007
Any Clutch Lever+Perch from any Jap Bike will fit your machine. Euro Bikes (ie KTMs) usually have an oddly sized adjuster on the perch which will not work on anything else.

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