Camp Tejas Chef
N. Texas SP
Jan 14, 2002
Hey guys I run a football pool here at my work. I run it off of a website and thought I would give an invite out to all of you guys. Its 6.25 a week. 5 dollars goes to the weekly prize. 1 dollar goes to a season winner prize and the .25 cents pays for the paypal fees and software fees. If anyone is interested in playing just send me an email at dwink@swbell.net or send me a PM here. Oh and dont worry about last weeks games. I got a late jump on the site and last week doesnt count. Last year the season winner took home something like 130 dollars. Each week we averaged a pay out of 50-75. Oh an as a bonus the big looser of each week will get their 5 dollars back. :laugh:
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