No wonder I couldn't get it right


Jul 31, 2000
I've been messing with my jetting for some time now. At times I thought I had it figured out, than it ran like crap again... frustrating.
So, once again, off comes the carb, and there was dirt in it, again. Clean it and look for the source....
Well, the source turned out to be the gas tank!
I bought the bike used, mind you, and I really never checked the tank. Last night I drained it into a clean, clear container and found black sandy dirt. So I turned the thing USD and I heard some rattling....dumped it out and I found black pieces of tar, the size of quaters. Turns out the prior owner let gas go bad in there, I mean really bad. The the fuel valve is completely shot, beyond cleaning. The fuel filter was ripped, letting fine particels of dirt through it.
I was pissed. The one place I should have looked first....
No wonder the bike ran different from minute to minute.

I cleaned the tank, wasn't too hard, but there is no way I can clean that fuel valve. Where do I get a replacement? or am I better off replacing the whole tank?


N. Texas SP
Nov 7, 2001
Check Acerbis, they make a "universal" one for about $12.00 that I just put on my KTM, reserve and everything.


Jun 25, 2003
Wolf, I feel your pain. I bought a used 93 KDX 200 and kept getting dirt in the carb even just from idling the bike in my back yard. Finally i took the tank off, drained it and found the same thing as you. Black silty sand. Fortunately nothing was ruined but it bothers me knowing the shop I bought it from neglected to flush all the fluids before I bought it. Here's a list of other problems with the bike I bought:

Completely worn clutch plates
Blown left side rad
Completely clogged silencer
Stripped shifter arm

I was new to bikes so I had no idea of these problems when I bought the bike. Alot of my friends are experienced riders who are passing along the bad news about the shop I bought my bike from to everyone they know. It's the only solace I can have since it's buyer beware with a used bike. Dave


Jul 31, 2000
So today, I will check on my generator...that thing has been sitting unused for over 2 years now, and I don't think I put stabil or anything in it with the gas. Who knows, maybe mining is in my future?
Heck, if this keeps going I'll have a nice pile of rocks :)


Oct 14, 1999
Good to hear you got it sorted out!

I'm a stabil fan. After sitting for two years, my 5000W generator started on the second pull.

After letting his 750F sit for over four years, a friend of mine's honda started with the first starter touch.

Yeah..four years is pretty much absurd, worked. I've worked on that same bike after it sat for a bit over a year with NO stabil. What a choked up, clogged up, goobered mess THAT was.

Enjoy your 'new' bike! ;)

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