Apr 10, 2002
I cant wait for prime time I have some buddies that I finally convinced to start racing with me, and i should finally have a new steed a brand new yz250 I hope so i dont have to take any more punnishmet from my 89yz250. But what is terrain their like is is like hollister and what shoud i expect im ranked 10th right now for c250.

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Jan 7, 2002
Medcalf sucks!! the terrain is very rocky and hard packed! Since we havent had any rain it will be extremly dusty. The Timekeepers always put on a good event. They make the best of what they have. There is always a big turnout there because it is the first race of the fall season. I try to avoid ridding at Medcalf at all costs. I have raced it for the last two years. If we dont get any rain I wont be racing it this year! Good luck!

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