Big Tuna

Nov 29, 2000
Just got back from a two hour rave the gym!!

#1 this stuff is crap(one long continuous repetitive never ending mix of noise).
#2 The "kid" at the front counter playing this garbage should have more respect for the people that have paid good money for a decent atmosphere to train in, and not use his time at work to listen to his newest cd's. I asked him if he could at least change it up a little, and he responded with a "you can't please everybody". Give me a break; he was pleasing nobody the average age in the gym at this time in the morning was probably about 40, and you don't see a lot of 40 year olds lining up to get into these rave parties! Yeah I could wear a personal player, (I did but he had his crap turned up to where I would have to deafen myself with my own music to drowned his out)but I shouldn't have to I am the paying costomer.Grrrr...


Timmy Timmy Timmy!
Sep 24, 2000
Big Tuna,
I've found these type of knuckleheads will not listen to any type of non threaten request. Take it to the management staff next time. My wife gets tired of me doing this when we go places. But like you I'm a paying customer. Guess thats why I send her to the car before I speak with the manager!
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