Feb 20, 2001
Through the info on this website and other locations, I have been slowly gaining insight on suspension operation. Jeremy Wilkey and many others provide the needed background knowledge and theory for all who read to make the best of their suspensions. It has helped me with mine, and I have learned to see suspension maladies in other bikes as I watch them.

As I race each week, it is disturbing to see people crash and get hurt - especially kids . It is pretty easy to see a bike that is kicking sideways - the root cause of many of the crashes I see. This is a sign of more rebound being needed (usually). A few clicks of a knob could actually help prevent a lot of injuries I am seeing!

Suspension tuning is a cause and effect type of thing. You can apply changes in levels... the first level costs nothing but time - set sag and watch (or feel) the bike perform. Experiment and see if it got better or worse, no, make it get better and worse to learn how it feels. If you get it feeling the best it can, but you still have problems, consult a suspension tech person. Money spent on suspension is never wasted as it can save you big bucks (and pain) down the road. Do not wait for a crash.
DRN BS Disclaimer
I am not saying lack of rebound causes every wreck I see. I am no expert and I make a lot of mistakes. I am just trying to help SOMEBODY from getting hurt. I hope it is YOU or YOUR son or daughter.

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