Renthal Bar Question - What Style?


Mar 12, 2001
Looking for a bar to replace stock. I am 5'11". I have heard recomendations on Jimmy Button, CR250 High and XR400.
80% woods/HS, 20% MX. Any experience with any of these styles?
Thanks in advance.


Oct 14, 1999
Don't know what you read 'earlier'.....but..

My last (and current) set of bars are They are NOT the same as the previous (2 sets other than stock) 'cr-hi' bars from fly. Mostly, they are considerably wider than the flys were.

I should have measured the stock bars (bent though they were..I could have gotten an idea) and cut the renthals to be the same.

Well..if you WANT them them same. I knock the ends of the bars in places I rode through before with NO contact whatsoever.

Someday I'll get around to some new grips and sawing the renthals off some. Until then, I'll just hit stuff.

Oh..the renthals have worked well to this point. My previous flys seemed to stand up to some pretty good whacks..and THEN bend when the bike just plain fell over into some foot deep mud! Never did understand that.

Do get a one piece bar top clamp if you don't already have one. My cones haven't had to be reset ONCE since I put one on! Prior to, I'd reset 'em almost every week!!
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