Repair Shop Stumped!

May 28, 2007
Ok so a few months ago i was riding along going pretty fast and my piston shattered, seizing the motor whick locked up the tire and caused me to come to a skidding halt. i took it to the shop and they rebuilt the whole motor doing a top end and rebuiling the crank. when i got the motor back(i took it out of the bike myself) it was stuck in first gear, if you held up the shifter and rolled the bike forward it would go into neutral but not second. i took it back to the shop and they cant figure out what is wrong. they said that the cases look fine no cracking or warping the shift forks are all good the shift barrel is good and they also checked the gear stacks and said that all the gears are fine. what else could it be? did i break something when the motor siezed or is the shop just putting it together wrong? they have had it for almost three months and i am getting impatient and want my bike back so any help would be much appreciated.
Oct 19, 2006
Something got bent or out of alignment with the shifter or shifting boss.You need to remove the shift shaft and determine if you can change gears by rotating the drum and spinning the trans or crank.Go through each sequence of shifting till you find the problem,deductive reasoning 101,good luck!
Sep 13, 2006
I believe someone put the shift pawls in upside down. There is a offset notch on the spring retainer side. They need to be put into the opposite side. (top to bottom and vice-versa.)


Mar 15, 2004
jtt633 -

Time for a new shop, IMHO. Some things are easy to do wrong, even for a very good pro. This may very well be one of them. The best of us make mistakes, or don't know certain things.

But. Let me tell you a story.

A few weeks back my (former) girlfriend's heat pump started making a hideous noise at times. So she called a pro. He came out, spent an hour "doing stuff." Made a small adjustment. Said "If this doesn't work, you need an entirely new system." Charged her $100.

Did not work. She called her handyman over. Nothing. Her brother, who is a degreed mechanical engineer and a home inspector (yes, I know). Nothing.

I asked to LOOK at her circuit board. 20 seconds after I looked at her circuit board, I pointed to something and asked "what do you see?" she said "it looks like something exploded." Yup. Now, I paid someone to find such an explosion once (different piece), replace a board once more, and have done it (on a new system) myself once, so it was cheating a bit.

BUT. He SHOULD HAVE SAID "Lady, I don't know what's wrong. But the next thing we should do is replace the circuit board. (Good lord! Freon, mechanical fit, wires, relays, and a circuit board. Eh?) No guarantees, though. . ." :fft:
May 28, 2007
It might be the the shift drum is not aligned with the forks, a fork is bent, or you could have a gear in the wrong way(It is easier to get it mixed up thatn you would think, especially if you dont carefully look at a manual)
May 28, 2007
Ya it turned out to be that the shift drum got screwed up when my motor locked. it really annoyed me that they told me that was one of the first things they checked when in reality it was the very last. thanks for all your replies though