Aug 6, 2000
Sounds like your 02 YZ is nice,but I doubt very seriously that
the brakes are as good as a CR's.It may have a tad more power,
but your average rider would not be able to tell any difference.
And you said it feels better than the CR-how?The CR has the slimmest bike out there.And it's also the lightest,and handles better.And let's not even get into the fit and finish of the two bikes.Honda has always been #1 there.The label of no low end power for the CR has been way overblown by the moto mags.Most of those guys are professional racers,my CR has plenty of low end via a 1 tooth increase on the front and rear sprockets.I am glad you are please with you YZ but I promise you if a 2002 CR and a 2002 YZ raced the winner would be the bike with the best rider on it.
2000 CR125r
89 Corvette
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