Aug 29, 2007
Not sure if this was the right section but I have a quick question,
Can I legally ride up at Saddleback mtn. as long as I have a green sticker and spark arrestor? A couple friends want me to go there on labor day with them but I would rather not deal with rangers. thanks in advance to anyone who replys... btw the bike ill be on is an xr-400


Jan 27, 2000
If you are talking about Saddleback mountain in California then, no. You must be licensed and insured to ride up there. Although the XR400, depending on the year is one of the bikes that can be dualsported. You also must have a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license. It's a big hassle but it's worth it. :cool:

On three day weekends, they usually have a couple extra rangers up there. They normally hang out up by the repeater towers on Santiago peak.

Fill out your profile. It makes it easier to answer your questions when we know what area you live in.
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